AFS Handicrafts Candle Stand AFS Handicrafts Candle Stand

AFS Handicrafts

manufacturer of best quality glass,it has been used as a decorative as
well as functional times. Because of being transparent to visible light,
it finds utility to create host of items, Candle holders were one of the
primary lighting solutions in the past and used for illumination as
well as rituals & decorative purposes.

AFS Handicrafts Lamps AFS Handicrafts Lamps


We have specialized in lighting products
and having a huge range of lamps.
They are still used todays to enhance
the decor of any interior or create a
magical ambiance on special

AFS Handicrafts Gardan Accessories AFS Handicrafts Gardan Accessories

Gardan Accessories

AFS Handicrafts Brass AFS Handicrafts Brass

Aluminum Products!

AFS HANDICRAFTS presents an exclusive collection of decorative
aluminum items. Which are aesthetically designed in various
elegant design with the decor of your contemporary
home and office.

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